Cakes require 2 days order in advance.

You can also indicate if you wish to put wordings on the cake e.g Happy Birthday and type in 'Special Request'

6" serves ~6-8 pax 
8" serves ~16 pax 


Candles are standard - 1 big and 1 small.

Awfully Chocolate Cake

  • All Chocolate Cake

    A best seller of 20 years, the signature All Chocolate Cake is an everyday chocolate cake made with our own chocolate which has a unique dark roast flavour.
    Perfect for any birthday celebration, each bite into this soft and moist cake will only keep you longing for more!

    6" serves ~6-8 pax (~725g)
    8" serves ~16 pax (~1.9kg)


    Caramel Brittle & Sea Salt Chocolate Cake

    This tasteful dark chocolate cake with luscious layers of caramel brittle and sprinkle of natural sea salt is well-suited for those who are looking to celebrate their birthday in style!


    Chocolate Praline Cake

    An elegant table centrepiece, the Chocolate Praline Cake is a luxurious chocolate cake with hazelnut praline and crunchy feuilletine layers.
    An elevated interpretation of original French pralines, this is one of the most decadent chocolate birthday cakes you would ever find in Singapore.

    6" serves ~6-8pax (~1kg)
    8" serves ~16pax (~1.7kg)

    This simply elegant cake has dark chocolate cake layered with a confection of hazelnut praline and lightly crunchy feuilletine. Original French pralines were a pastry filling made of nuts cooked in burnt sugar – enjoy how Awfully Chocolate elevates the praline into a chocolate cake of its own!

    6" serves ~6-8pax (~1.1kg)
    8" serves ~16pax (~2.6kg)