While the positive effects of essential oil on human well-being have been proven, new ways of enjoying essential oils have since been developed, bringing us today's aromatherapy in a myriad of forms that address different needs while complementing your space and personality. 

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Hysses Home & Scents

  • Bergamot Frankincense Home Scent Reed Diffuser

    A beautiful scent is a self-expression that makes a statement of a love for discreet refinement. Reed diffusers are well-loved for their flame-free and low-maintenance appeal, dispersing the scent easily into the surrounding air. Place a reed diffuser in sitting areas or near doors as a welcome greeting.

    Notable for its high and low citrus notes, this is a sophisticated scent that keeps you wanting more.



    Lavender Hinoki Room Scent - Japanese Hinoki wood is superbly combined with French Lavender for a scent that you'll find deeply comforting.


    Rose Geranium Room Scent - Cast your home with the scent of Bulgarian roses and geranium in full bloom, a scent that manages to be both strong and delicate.

    Room sprays are fuss-free solutions for refreshing a space instantly.
    Instant scent diffusion
    No electricity source needed
    No maintenance
    Scent Intensity: Strong
    Scent Longevity: Short


    Fortune Cat Clay Diffuser

    Invite good luck and fortune into your home with this fortune cat clay diffuser. Enjoy the combination of natural fragrance and distinctive decorative style for your home or office while bringing a little extra luck!

    Clay diffusers are simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion. Suitable for use in well-circulated, enclosed areas

    60ml - 1 to 2months
    Factors such as hot, dry weather, air-conditioning and drafts may affect the evaporation rate of your diffuser.

    Fortune cat clay
    Home Scent diffuser oil 60ml

    Ø9cm H13cm