'Grow Your Own' Promotion!

Get started on your gardening jourmey with this Gardening Starter Kit. It's a perfect gift for any avid or amateur gardener too!

Includes 5 items worth $98.90:

1 x L white plastic pot ($39)

1 x Gardening Tool Gift Set of 3 ($29)

1 x Adult Gloves ($7.90)

1 x Gardening Tool Bag (cotton). Design A ($12)

1 x Bag of vegetable/fruit potting soil for your pot ($18)


FREE egg tray x 1 if required. Put in special request.

Gardening Starter Kit

  • Products are sold individually as well.

    Planter - 2 Layer

    L - 46x22xH20cm. Comes with removable layer to drain off water and allow soil to breathe.

    Gardener's Tool Bag

    Handy bag comes with 8 external pockets. Makes great storage to carry all your gardening tools.

    Gardener's Tool Gift Set 3 pc

    1. gardening fork (loosen soil, weeding)

    2. trowel (transplanting, digging, holding compost)

    3. cultivator (weeding, clearing debris)

    Adult Gloves

    Size: S, M, L

    Material: Nylon with rubber grip  


    Wrist to fingertip total length S-21, M-23, L- 24.5cm  

    Women - typically S or M. Note :I have big hands for a woman but I use S for a snug fit)

    Men - typically M or L

    Organic Potting Soil 

    Packed with nutrients and with ideal density for the growth of veg and fruits. 

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    Advance booking 2 days recommended.